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2006 RZ

... was discovered by amateur Helmut Michels at Herrenberg, Germany on September 4, 2006. One of the rare PHA discoveries by amateurs today. It was posted with impact solutions on September 6 and removed on the 15th. It had its close approach of 0.0129 AU (4.9 lunar distances) on October 7. It was a Goldstone Radar target on October 4. The size is estimated with 310 meters.

We provided follow-up observations on September 9, 11, 12 and 29.

2006 RZ

2006 RZ, PHA, 18.2 mag , P.A. 314.5°, 0.82"/min
3 stacks of 180 sec. each, 16 inch SC, ST8-XME 2x2 binned, North is down and east is to the right.