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PHA 2006 UF17

PHA 2006 UF17 was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey on 19 October 2006. Impact Solutions were removed on October 25th. 40 frames of 30 second exposures were needed to bring out the 20.0 mag asteroid in bad seeing.

But with a SNR of 9 we were able to get a good fit, and the residuals of our astrometry were also surprisingly good. The big circular pattern moving in the background is suspected to be an artefact produced by our focal reducer and could not be compensated by a flatfield correction - which is a little odd. We are still investigating the cause for this.

2006 UF17

PHA, 20.0 mag , P.A. 264°, 3.00"/min
3 stacks of 40x30 sec., 16 inch SC, ST8-XME 2x2 binned.