Comet 81/P WIld
Comet 81/P Wild

Comet Wild 2 is a short periodic comet with an orbital period of 6 years. Before its close encounter with Jupiter during September 1974 his orbit was almost circular and had a 43 year period. But the gravitational pull of the giant gas planet made Wild 2 to a member of the inner solar system. In 2004 the comet was target of the NASA mission "Stardust", which took samples of the coma and returned them back to earth. Our image was obtained during a trip to southern france in February 2010 and shows a nice 1 degree long tail.


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Comet 17/P Holmes

... surprised astronomers around the world with a spectacular eruption. On October 23 it brightend almost a millionfold from mag 17 to mag 2.5 in just a few hours. The above image was taken on October 31 at Guidestar Observatory through the 14 inch telescope. It shows the inner green coma 17P Holmes Larsen-Sekanina filter and some dark structures near the nucleus. A Larson-Sekanina filter was applied to the luminance channel to bring out the streamers and subtle jets (click on image to enlarge).

Comet 17/P Homes 17P LS-Filter